Cam Locks

We are one of the leading stockist's of Lowe and Fletcher and other brands of Cam Locks in the UK. Cam Locks are a quick and easy way of securing metal or wooden units such as lockers, cupboards and cabinets. They operate by the locking arm that's fitted on the back of the lock turning through 90 or 180 degrees and then locking into place. We keep a wide range of locking arms in stock so can supply them to suit all needs. Body lengths range from 8mm to 38mm (measured from under the head of the lock to where the locking arm is fitted,) the housing on the lock is threaded and simply fixed into place by a locking nut. Contact Us today for more information.

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cam 1
cam 2
cam 4
Cam Lock
cam 5
Cam Lock
13mm & 15mm
cam 6 Cam Lock
15mm & 16mm
cam 7
Cam Lock
15.7mm, 16mm, 18mm, 18.2mm & 22.2mm
cam 8 Cam Lock
cam 9
Cam Lock
cam 10 Cam Lock
22mm, 22.4mm, 27mm & 32mm
cam 12
Cam Lock
31.7mm, 32mm, 32.5 & 33mm
cam 13 Slamlock
19.7 & 20mm
cam 14
Cam Lock
22mm with Caulking Cam and 38mm Cam Lock
cam 15 055 Latch Lock Set 055 Latch Lock Set
120A Micro Cam Lock 16mm 120A Micro Cam Lock 2200 Pin Tumbler 2200 Pin Tumbler
066 Spanner Lock 066 Spanner Lock MBO1 Mail Box Lock MBO1 Mail Box Lock
8700 Mail Box Lock 8700 Mail Box 2109LL L+F Link Locker Cam Lock 2109LL Link Locker
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